Wooden Blinds

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Wooden Blinds – Lowest prices


Wooden blinds offer the unusual ability to exclude outside views while letting light and air into your home. The strong wooden slats shield rooms from shadows and outlines, which is crucial for spaces that neighbours or bystanders overlook. They are a fantastic option for living rooms and bedrooms because of this. Consider a made-to-measure service that ensures a flawless fit when purchasing wooden blinds. As a result, you won’t be in charge of trimming down somewhat oversized slats. Additionally, you can select the slat width. 

When tilted, narrow slats let in more light and give a more contemporary appearance. The dust shows up more readily on wood blinds than on other window treatments, especially on darker stains. Furthermore, as wood is a natural product, colour and grain pattern differences are probably expected. In addition, wood can expand and contract with changes in moisture, which can cause the vanes to twist and warp, especially in lower-quality wood blinds. Due to this characteristic, they are a bad choice for high-moisture environments such as windows over bathtubs, inside showers, or above kitchen sinks.


Features Of Window Blinds

Although wood blinds aren’t always the best window treatment option, they can still be a lovely addition to many rooms. Both the cost and the calibre of the blinds vary greatly between brands. To ensure you are purchasing the greatest product you can afford, if you are considering buying wood blinds, research your alternatives and ask lots of questions. It can be the perfect solution to add style to your area by adding wood to your windows. Your wooden blinds will continue to be strong and durable for a very long time because wood is naturally durable. Regular dusting and a light detergent for any lingering stains can keep them looking new. A slat cleaner or an ostrich feather duster, which have electro-static qualities that capture dust more effectively than alternative methods, might also be purchased. 

White Wooden Blinds 

White wooden blinds are less tolerant of dirt and grime by nature, but they still manage to keep clean. Naturally, you must keep in mind to completely dry your blind after cleaning to avoid the wood from warping. White wooden blinds will look good in your room regardless of your chosen interior design style. This simple, natural colour is highly adaptable and works well in historically and modernly furnished spaces. With confidence that your white wooden blinds will blend in, feel free to express your unique style through your choice’s colour scheme and prints. You can stack your blinds with extra window coverings like patterned curtains or sheer voile. It adds new texture and interest, along with the advantages of insulation and seclusion. If there are too many straight lines and edges in the space, adding more cloth also softens the area’s look.

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Why Choose Upholstery Dubai Sofa?

Our team of expert artisans at Upholstery Dubai Sofa direct hand-cut and finishes all of our white wooden blinds. Every white wooden blind is also finished with UV paint, premium fittings, a matching valance to cover the head rail, and other finishing touches. It makes sure that your blinds are beautiful on the inside and out. We have sizes ranging from 27mm to 64mm, and we advise consumers to choose a wider slat if they want a cosy, vintage appearance. A smaller window surface will be covered when wider slats are fully raised because they have a shorter stack height. We somewhat mitigate this drawback of wood blinds as we coat our blinds to repel dust.