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Bringing back the exquisiteness of your old sofa- Now in Abu Dhabi!

Who doesn’t want to come home and sit down on their comfy sofa and drain all of the exhaustion out? Sofas are not only the essential part of our house, but even when we go to somewhere or at someone’s we really do notice their sofa’s outlook and the level of comfort it gave us. But what if that sofa is turning old and needs a good repair to gain its original exquisiteness. We offer the best sofa repairing facilities now in Abu Dhabi.

Our sofa repairing team

We have the best trained team with the skilled knowledge of repairing sofas in Abu Dhabi. We make sure every member of our sofa repairing team go through a proper in house workshop training which makes them bring out the best finishing after the procedural repairs.

Free consultation for bed repairing

Our free consultation related to Sofa Repairing services for you in Abu Dhabi is available 24/7. Our consultation team not only offers sofa repairing services, but gives an estimated cost of the repairing beforehand and help our customers stay in their budget. Our consultation team guides our customers with maintenance and care of their sofas allowing them to save their old broken sofas instead of throwing it away. You can always visit our shops or book a free visit or our consultants.

Our sofa repairing services

We offer multiple services of Sofa Repairing Abu Dhabi. Following are the frame repairing services by our sofa repairing team:

  1. Particle Board
  2. Hard Wood Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Beech
  3. Kiln Dried Hardwood. 
  4. Metal

We master the art of re-stuffing your old sofa and make it feel like all new. We use the most reliable stuffing be it feather, fibre or, the most common, foam. We also use the combination of these three to provide you a next level of support and comfort.

Our special cushion services

To add an extra comfort level to your sofa, you might have already fancied it with a couple of cushions. But with time the cushions lose their fluff or the cover might fade. Our sofa repairing services come with the cushion services too. We understand our diverse consumers and so provide different types of fillings so that everyone lies back on their sofas happy. Following are the variety of cushion fillings we provide:

  1. Hollow Fibre
  2. Micro Cluster Fibre
  3. Duck Feather
  4. Wool
  5. Feather & Down
  6. Down & Feather
  7. Pure Duck Down
  8. Soft Foam
  9. Medium and supreme medium Foam
  10. Firm Foam

Other than the fillings we provide a variety of fabrics that would add an extra vibe to your repaired sofa. We offer both natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk and wool) and synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon and acrylic).

24/7 Customer care service

We provide all-under one roof services to our customers. Our sofa repairing shops provide you with the best customer care that starts from the minor consultation to the perfectly repaired product by our sofa repairing team. We offer complementary services for every customer with no hidden charges. The services include:

  1. Scheduled visit to inspect your sofa.
  2. Qualified engineer telephone response within 12 hours of the fault being reported.
  3. 24/7, 365 days of qualified assistance via call or video call and email. That’s right, even on holidays.
  4. A detailed report on the diagnosis of the problem with you sofa, best possible way to repair it, with an estimated cost of the entire sofa repairing procedure.

For any other enquiry and information or to schedule a visit to out sofa repairing shops feel free to contact us.

Contact# 05-66-77-2345, 056-600-9626, 04-2959449 & 0566776789.