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Pergolas are used as a decoration for outdoor places, usually out of the house. It is a walkway full of shade.  A pergola originated from a Latin word. It is also used for supporting the pillars or for the extension of a building. Pergolas are also used for the protection of the houses as pillars. It is like a garden with different t designs or flower décor on it. Mostly for a passageway to rest under the shadow sitting on the wooden benches to comfort themselves from bright shiny sunlight. Pergolas add value to your house. it is mostly attached to the building and connected to the garden with a shadow on it. Pergolas is just for a visual attraction to the garden, for spending some time in the garden and showing interest to the grounds. 

The main advantage of having a pergola is that some plants require less need of sunlight as extraordinary sunlight will damage their roots as well the plants, so pergola is a good choice for saving the plants and grounds from being damaged and giving them well good care. You can use wood, aluminum, vinyl, stone, or brick for pergolas, as it will require huge maintenance and costly for the gardens.

Pergolas Designs

You can use any pergola material in the garden. Following are some:

  • Pressure-treated wood:

This type of pergolas is cheaper and less expensive than any other pergola. It can be painted in different colors to give a nice and good looking capture. It is guaranteed a lifetime but can be a wreck or crack after some time.

  • Vinyl:

Vinyl pergolas can be maintained easily and it is a good quality for pergolas. It requires low maintenance among the years.

  • Cedarwood:

Cedarwood pergola is a long lifetime guaranteed pergola. It requires less maintenance, but it is too much expensive than any other pergola.

  • Fiberglass:

Fiberglass is much stronger for a pergola. You can paint it in different colors as it looks stylish and awesome at the same time. They are lightweight and have a span of a long time.

Purpose of using pergolas?

There are many advantages to using pergolas.

  • Shade:

Pergolas provide shade from sunlight. As sunlight is too oppressive sometimes, pergolas will provide a great deal of shade from the sunlight without any discoloration of the roof or any damage. It has a lattice roof which provides a cool relief shade from the sun. They don’t completely block the sun but can block the little amount of direct sunlight. It’s better to use a pergola cover too for blocking the sun.

  • Color:

Pergolas are obtained in different colors including cream, brown, grey, etc. They give a unique look in the center of a garden. It adds color and beautifies the outside of the house by its excellent quality.

  • Contrast:

It is good for occasional parties, as you can decorate it with some lighting in the middle of the garden, it has different styles with contrasting looks.

  • Privacy:

It provides privacy from the surrounding. You can spend your whole time. If you want to enjoy the backyard you can easily sit there without any noise from neighbors or any disturbing sound. If you are a nature lover you can make some interesting things, even you can do the planting or keep some colorful pots with plants under the pergolas and enjoy the view the whole day.

  • Extend living space:

You can spend a large amount of time outside. You can extend your living space by pergolas. It is useful in summer, kids can play under it in the evening when the sun goes down. It will make your afternoon or evening enjoyable.

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