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Majlis is a special gathering of people with common interests related to different social and religious countries. It originated from a Persian and Arabic word meaning council. It is a private place used for the administration that represents the Islamic culture. It is mostly found in Arab, turkey, where Muslim people have a higher ratio than any other country.

Majlis represents the culture as well as the values of the Muslim countries. It is a traditional part of a political life where administrators and counselors raise the ideas and problems of the state with Sheikhs and often with elders. They discuss the problems of the state as well as the problems of people with them.

Purpose of using Majlis:


The elders require a meeting every day to solve the problems of people and concerned people to attend it so they can share their daily problems, news, or affairs of the state. The whole community should attend it to know current affairs and as well as on the crises.

Where You Can Use Majlis:


  • For majlis, some places are built up by plaster and mud, while some are made up of bricks or canvas for shedding. It can also be obtained in open air by some fire around it and serving coffee or chai to keep them warm. Majlis are mostly constructed in Bayt-ul-sher. While majlis in mountains have comfortable and luxurious guest rooms for the people to discuss the current affairs and issues. It is a private place where guests are entertained. Usually, males are received and discuss different topics. This room is decorated with different expensive furniture, Cushions and pillows are placed, it’s up to the choice whether you wanna sit on the sofa or the cushions.
  • The decoration of the place is the responsibility of the women to décor it or with some other women to help herself. It is mainly a front room in the house to entertain the visitors at Arab houses.
  • Many people used different colors for the wall and designed it uniquely for the majlis area. Some people mostly in Arab and Iran hang paintings consisting of different colors with multiple shades and with unique patterns and styles. Geometric designs are mostly used in majlis paintings.
  • Hospitality and love have been taken so seriously in such areas so people of the guest house refer to a great entertainment and comforting place for the people usually male to take care of.
  • Abha has been designed for representing the cultures by introducing different majlis paintings and designs. Its airport has been established and designed for cultural heritage, and it is known to be the first airport representing the cultural heritage of its place. The whole walls of the airport are colored with different colors while seating arrangement and all the living area is covered with majlis especially the traditional one to give it a stylish and unique way. People are so obsessed with their culture and people so they are doing best to raise their culture and people at a higher place.

Features of Majlis:


  • The majlis is just like a seating place and discusses the people. It is a place and families, friends gathered after the sun went down to entertain themselves or for some serious talks about people and the affairs going through right now. It is concerned as a social life entertaining themselves. It is a legislative assembly as well as a social gathering, to know better about the places and people.
  • In recent years almost every family has a majlis room in their house. The elder and the most important person of the family sit in the middle of it, while all the other members of the family sit after them in the circle, allowing discussion. The walls and painting of it represent the connection between Arab and western countries.

Majlis is a traditional place and unique for the families to spend some time and discuss the affairs of the country. We export and maintain a large number of majlis room products as well as seating arrangements of the room. So buy from us and enjoy our noteworthy services of home decoration or interior formation.

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