Home Curtains

Home Curtains at Flexible Charges Now In Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Curtains are purposeful to block that hot sun getting in your house or giving one’s home the privacy they need. Now something that purposeful should look more valuable and add on to the warmth any home gives. We offer a variety of home curtains now in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The variety of home curtains 

We have the most attractive colors, patterns and multiple textured Home Curtain fabrics. We give our customers a variety to select from different types of home curtains. Below are a few types of curtains you can select from according to the setting of the room of your house.

  1. Grommet Curtains
  2. Rod Pocket Curtains
  3. Tab Top Curtain
  4. Pleated Drapes
  5. Pelmets and Valances
  6. Window Scarf or Scarf Swag

The pleats of any curtain adds the real magic to the curtain itself. For our pleated drapes, we add six amazing pleating styles.

  1. Box pleats
  2. Tuxedo Pleats
  3. Cartridge Pleats
  4. Pinch Pleats
  5. Goblet Pleats
  6. Pencil Pleats

Our overstocked range of home curtain fabrics

The fabric of any home curtain all rounds the look of an entire room. Our home curtain consultation team in Abu Dhabi & Dubai not only provides our customer with over 1000 swatches of fabric to select from, but also suggests keeping the customers requirement in mind. Our top selling fabrics include, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Polyester, Velvet, Acrylic, Rayon, Brocade, Lace and Voile. You can always book a visit in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for your Home Curtains Online or contact us directly and get free consultation prior to the final buying.

Our installation team in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Our trained team brings you the curtain to your house after the final selection. They are quick in their work and careful with the procedure. The installation could be done with two types of hanging systems; curtain track and curtain pole. Incase you have bought a home curtain and not have the required hanging system in your home, we provide our installation team the hanging system so you don’t have to rush. 

Our free consultation services 

We provide all-under one roof services to our customers. Our home curtain shops provide you with the best customer care that starts from selecting the right fabric, pleating, and the perfect hanging to the final installation. We offer complementary services for every customer with no hidden charges. You can always book our home curtain consultation team for your house tour. This makes our home curtain consultation easier as it helps them study the lightening of the rooms, the sunlight and the rest of the interior of your house. This always help us in bringing the blocks together before we add the curtain as the last piece. Our consultation team provides our customers with their best knowledge to take care of the curtains and not ways to secure the color from fading. So even once you have left with your home curtains, we will still be there to asses you.

For any other enquiry and information or to schedule a visit to our home curtain shops feel free to contact us.

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