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Custom made furniture is defined as the movable equipment. It is made for a person’s accommodation so that it will be more suitable and comfortable for living or working. Custom made furniture can be used for storage, seating, or sleeping. The idea of movables was first formulated a long time ago and to create these movables, people of that time used stones because the wood was not in usable condition at that despicable time.

The very first forms of furniture were dressers, beds, and cupboards. The dresser was the most important piece of furniture in the beginning because it has to face the entrance of each home and people often catch the attention of the viewer by using it. This has made way for pieces in our culture that are both functional to our everyday lives but also a form of artwork that is pleasant to look at.

The basic design of most custom made furniture has remained the same. Because of the material, stability and longevity are more focused on the comfort and luxury in our modern lives but now we are here to provide you all the facilities in one thing and you can have it for as long as you want. Chairs have now become the mode of relaxation and people can make themselves relaxed by sitting on them. The designs of the chairs have also changed a lot. Beds are made to provide us comfort and also we can sleep on them and can maintain a safe distance from the ground. Now we can see that our society has changed a lot and want to have luxury things that can also provide them comfort and contentment.

The Earlier Times of Furniture:

  • Neolithic Period:

The Neolithic period, (approximately 5,500-2,500 B.C.), gave the world the first documented instances of furniture being used in ancient times; Orkney, Scotland is where stone dressers and cupboards originated for storage.

  • The Classical World:

Between the period of 8th-9th Century B.C., in Ancient Egypt and Greece, the most popular and common forms of furniture were beds and chairs.

  • Early Modern Europe:

Furniture from 500-1500 A.D. (Or ‘Medieval furniture’), was developed or configured in Europe. Chairs of that time were popular and were often made of heavy oak with elegant imaginative designs.

  • 19th Century:

Between the years of 1801-1900, 19th Century custom made furniture was very artistic and detailed. Gothic style was famous and furniture of that time often had fancy cut-out schematics. The intricately designed chairs were often used by the wealthy at dinners.

Different Kinds of Styles of Custom Made Furniture:

  • Modern Style:

After World War II, simple, sleek furniture designs were influenced by artisans and chairs were fulfilling basic seating needs in the combination with artistic designs and majestic styles that became very popular in that era.

  • Eco-Design:

Eco-design can be found back to the 1920s, in America. Some materials can take on the environment through its popularity until the 1960s; furniture in eco-design is increasingly popular in modern days. It uses resources that have quickly grown strength and changed such as bamboo. Bamboo tables are popular examples of eco-design furniture that is used for holding house items and with that, it creates an aesthetic look.

  • Contemporary Look:

Contemporary furniture refers to this modern time, (from the 1970’s onward), from all over the globe, aluminum and iron or any kind of metal furniture are popular materials used in sleek and geometric contemporary designs and styles.

The Component Parts of Custom Made Furniture:

  • Desks
  • Sofas
  • Tables
  • Dressers
  • Chairs
  • TV Stands
  • Stools
  • Ottomans
  • Beds

Why Choose Us ?

Custom made furniture is used all over the world because it has so much importance and people prefer to have such furniture in their homes. As mentioned above furniture has an ancient history and by knowing this, you can observe the importance of the furniture in the home and this is why it should be according to the style and decoration of the home. We manufactured the best furniture for your safety and comfort and also kept an eye on the quality to make sure that you will use our products for numerous years without any monkey wrench. So communicate with us and get your house all the rage.