Hotel Curtains


Curtains are used to cover the area with a piece of cloth. It can be obtained in different fabric material with the quality of designs and colors to give a unique and luxurious look. Curtains are ancient and used widely for centuries, as drapes and blinds are introduced in the form of curtains. It gives a traditional and cultural look to the room. Curtains have different properties with a different texture. You can easily hang it on with windows, behind the bed, or in the kitchen. It is also used for privacy purposes. Some people can’t afford huge houses so curtains are used to provide them a little privacy among members of the family.


Some windows can’t afford the rays of UV light and are damaged easily. Uv light can damage the windows, skirting, etc,  so to keep them in shape and maintain curtains are the best choice for windows. Curtains are made up of quality fabric with extraordinary properties. Some fabric curtains can block the UV light completely, while some block little rays, and some curtains do not block the UV light. It depends upon the texture of what kind of curtains you are using.


There are various types of curtains with different texture and fabric material. Following are some:

    • Blackout curtains
    • Curtains panels
    • Austrian curtains
    • Outdoor curtains
    • Room darkening
    • Sheer curtains
    • Pinch pleat drapes
    • Grommet panels
    • Café curtains
    • Thermal curtains
    • Shades
  • Blackout curtains:

Blackouts are woven curtains. Blackout curtains can block the UV light fully and do not allow the passage of light. It has foam at the back.

  • Curtain panels:

It is a single curtain that mostly allows the UV light to pass through it. It does not require the two curtains as one curtain is enough.

  • Austrian curtains:

It is a horizontal curtain with patterns on fabric. It has a scalloped pattern. This type of pattern represents the Sorrento panels. It is also called Austrian panels.

  • Outdoor curtains:

Outdoor curtains are water repellant, these are mostly used in outdoor areas and as well as pergolas. They have a good quality fabric that covers and blocks the UV light, protecting the area from being damaged.

  • Room darkening curtains:

It helps to reduce the light but not completely. It is woven and has a foam on the backside to cover.

  • Sheer curtains:

Sheer curtains are transparent curtains. It is mostly used for privacy, but poor in blocking the sunlight. It allows the light to pass through it because of semi-transparent material.

  • Pinch pleat drapes:

This type of curtains mostly pinned in the hooks at the top of the window, rings or hooks can be attached to the rods and hung the curtains into it. It is a folded fabric with some space in between it. It is easy to move as it has a traverse rod attached to it.

  • Grommet panels:

Grommet panels have metal rings to pass a rod trough in it. It is a casual curtain with some plates or panels in it.

  • Café curtains:

It is made up of net, usually 36 meters long. It has threading work at the bottom of the curtains to cover the windows.

  • Thermal curtains:

Thermal curtains provide insulation to the area. It has an acrylic foam between the fabric. It reduces the energy and blocks the sunlight completely. It is usually used in winter to keep the houses warmer.

  • Shades:

This type of curtains has rings or ties on it to allow the sunlight to pass from it. It is a free curtain with several designs and patterns on it.


The following are some tips to introduce different styles with the combination of a room:

  • Always choose a certain pattern that gives a luxurious view to your room.
  • Hang light and linen curtains to reduce light.
  • Choose a pattern with a long-lasting guarantee.
  • For decoration hold the curtains with leather ties.

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