Arabic Majlis

 Ravishing Arabic Majlis


What is an Arabic majlis?

An Arabic majlis is a place used to entertain the people and members of the family. It is a private place to discuss and raise the problems of the people. It is a combination of Persian and Arabic words used for the council. Majlis is also used for a social gathering or for important meetings to be discussed, it shares Arabic roots. It is a special gathering for the administration to discuss cultural connections. It dominates the Islamic cultures and represents the heritage of the state or country. Arabic majlis is a place to entertain relatives, family members, and other selective people.


 In recent years back in the 90’s people usually gathered in a place sitting in a circle at a specific time to solve the issues and fighting between the people. These people were caliphs or counselors of the time. Masjid ul shura was formed during the period of the Rasghidun caliphate. Some following arguments and conditions were preferred at that time for choosing the caliph.

  • Few people should be entered in it
  • They can distinguish and make a difference between a good and a bad caliph
  • They have a pearl of wisdom.

Design an Arabic Majlis:


  • Arabic majlis represents the Arabic culture. The Arabic majlis is mostly for having long time talks and discussion as well as long visits of the members. Arabic majlis always shows a part of hospitality so it should be big enough to represent the whole area and architecture of its place. Arabic majlis shows the ancient history of Arabs as well as traditions. A living room, walking area, and hall should be in an Arab majlis.  These three components fit the whole specialty of the Arab majlis.
  • It can be designed with different interior and traditional designs. It can also be mixed with different styles and designs. The colors are the main thing that beautifies the whole area, so dark colors are more suitable for such kind of Arab majlis.
  • In the past simple cushions were placed for seating arrangement so people can sit comfortably.

Main Features of Arabic Majlis:


  • Comfortable:

As Arab majlis are the big hall or area of the house and people entering into it, should feel comfortable, so cushions or sofas must be cozy and soft to sit and can stay for a long time, they can sit comfortably and talk properly for a long time. The people should be sitting in a circle, so they don’t have to turn back to see the faces of others. There should be less space between each sofa and cushions, so people will have no difficulty talking to anyone.

  • Luxurious:

Arabic majlis should be properly set up and should be elegant as it is the main and big house in the room. People coming from different areas and cities should have a great impression of you and your place so setting it up is the main thing. Luxurious sofas and cushions should be set up to comfortably sit and carpets with a great texture so they can take off their shoes and sit properly.

  • Connect:

An Arab majlis is a place where people from different areas are connected through each other. You can easily talk or discuss any matter of life or city situation. People will help you a lot in Arab majlis and will do their best to suggest a good and effective way to solve the issue concerning life, current affairs, fighting, problems, etc.

  • Colors:

Decorating your place is a good thing. People are the main objective of this place so keep in mind go through the neutral colors and with rich fabric material to give a luxurious and stylish look. Low-quality material or fibers will fade away its color in the traffic area.

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